How could coaching help improve your marketing efforts?

 We understand that getting to grips with a marketing strategy that works, can be one of the most stressful and overwhelming aspects of being a business owner. After all, you can be amazing at what you do, but if you’re not generating a consistent flow of leads and attracting the right clients, business is going to be a struggle.

Do you have a marketing plan? Do you struggle to know where to start in creating one?
Do you feel like marketing is an expense you don’t have the budget for?
Do you really know who your target market is? Who is your ideal client? And where are you going to find them?

Measuring ROI on your marketing

Effective marketing should be an investment, not an expense! So one of the first things we do is help you begin measuring the impact of your marketing. Working together we’ll:

  • ensure you know the Return On Investment (ROI) of everything you do.
  • Look at your strategy to see what’s working and what isn’t.
  • Critique your markeing materials to ensure your efforts are generating maximum return.

Boosting Sales Performance

Ideally, in todays information age, your marketing efforts should be helping your prospects towards a buying decision, before they’ve even made contact with you. We’ll examine how your content strategy can eliminate time wasted on prospects who were never going to buy or be the right client for your business.

Then we can work with your sales team to help them close more deals by coaching them on areas such as objection handling, questioning and listening techniques and building rapport.

Creating Raving Fans

It’s estimated that it costs 6 times more to attract a new client, than keep an existing one, so part of a great marketing strategy should focus on customer retention and creating raving fans for your business! After all, happy clients will spend more, stay with you longer and tell everyone they meet how great you are. And referral business is the best form of marketing you can get!

Working together, we’ll look at how you can improve your customer service efforts and consistent delivery (or over-delivery) of your products and services.

Book an initial 15 minute call to see if Business Coaching could help you create an actionable marketing plan.