If you’ve recruited a really good new team member, you want to ensure they a) perform well and b) stay with your business!

Ensure your new employees are aware of a few key things as part of your induction process, and they should soon be playing their part towards maximising profits in the business.

Do they have?

  • A clear job description and list of responsibilities
  • Performance measures
  • Measurable goals for the quarter and year
  • A Personal Development Plan (PDP)
  • A plan for Regular appraisals and Annual review

A Clear job description and list of responsibilities

Don’t assume anything is ‘obvious’! Ensure every employee has a clear written job description and list of tasks they are responsible for. Include expected behaviours or attitudes – for example under ‘teamwork’ make sure they know if they are expected to cover for people when they are absent, or work collaboratively for certain jobs.

Performance measures

Do your employees know, in measurable terms, what they need to do to perform well? Ensuring you are specific on all their responsibilities eliminates any ambiguity. How quickly do you want the phone answered, are there scripts they need to use when speaking to customers? Clarity is one of the top ingredients of a high performing team – be clear and encourage the team to perform well!

Measurable goals for the quarter and year

Most jobs can be broken down into ongoing tasks – like answering the phone perhaps – and things which are shorter term objectives – like “get ten new clients this month”. Ensure employees have about one to five specific objectives to work on each quarter, in addition to their regular responsbilities. Agree goals with measures and dates to report progress, then review completion afterwards. People respond well to this kind of clarity and it offers greater job satisfaction.

A Personal Development Plan (PDP)

Make it clear at the outset that you expect employees to work on developing their own knowledge and skills. Make sure they are aware that it is their responsibility, but you will support them with it. A business will only grow as much as it’s people grow. Ensure each employee has a written PDP document that identifies areas of improvement, lists actions to be taken and target dates, and records what development takes place.

Regular appraisals

Very few managers hold reliable appraisals or 1:1’s with their team members, but making time for this (ideally weekly) has a huge impact on productivity and performance. Done well, they needn’t take up a lot of time… ideally 15 minutes each week. Following the L.I.O.N framework is a great way to structure these.

Without these, it’s very easy for team members to plod along, doing ‘stuff’ in an uncoordinated way, with unclear goals and company profits suffer.

Annual review

Each team member should receive a personal review once a year to let them know how they’re doing – ideally addressing goals they were set a year before – and to set new goals for the coming year. A lot of businesses do an annual review and annual pay review at the same time, though splitting them can be a better idea to avoid the appraisal simply being out ‘how much’. Link the annual appraisal to performance and goal setting and hold a separate pay review if required.

If you would like further information about implementing these into your team, please do get in touch.