With regards to team management, I’ve talked before about the expression ‘what gets measured gets done (and what gets rewarded gets done again! ). This is, again, key to how you conduct your regular team meetings / 1-2-1’s – that is if you have them?! It is amazing how many SME’s DON”T have regular meetings with key members of their team! Excuses often include ‘not having the time’ and that when they do, ‘the meetings lack structure and just turn into a chat!’

In my opinion, as a business coach to SME’s, you can’t afford NOT to make the time to have regular meetings with your team! It will save you time in the long run and if you ultimately want your business to work without you, then it’s absolutely essential!

The L.I.O.N Framework for team meetings (or 121s) is an excellent way to focus your team and drive the right behaviours for optimum performance.

So what does L.I.O.N stand for?

L… Last week:

What did you achieve last week that you said you were going to achieve? If objectives haven’t been met, it’s an opportunity to look into the reasons why not and if they have, it’s a great opportunity to praise. Remember ‘what gets rewarded gets done again’!

I… Issues:

What issues cropped up with your team last week and what did they do about them? Both of these are equally important as ultimately you want to be shifting accountability to your team members, so that they are coming up with the solutions to whatever issues are arising. As a manager, you want to try and avoiding listening to team members problems, and then taking them on yourself to try and solve. When your team members are able to generate their own solutions as problems crop up, it frees you up as the business owner!


What opportunities did your team spot in the last 7 days and how did they take advantage of them? There are endless ways employees can be looking out for opportunities, but examples include growing sales, ways to increase productivity, ways to save costs. You want your team members to be proactively looking on a regular basis to the opportunities around them. If they know they will be having regular LION meetings, they are more likely to develop the mindset to be looking for them!

N… Next week:

What things will your team commit to achieving by the same time next week? These are the things that will then become ‘Last week’ and you will review in the next meeting!

The LION framework is great for delivering structured productive meetings that drive meaningful conversations. Team members know what to expect and can come ready prepared!

If you would like more information on implementing productive team meetings in your business, please do get in touch…