The best antidote to fear is ACTION!

To achieve success in your business, it’s important to keep progressing and moving forwards towards your goals…

What can often stand between those who keep progressing (and achieve success), and those who stagnate or whose businesses don’t survive, is their mindset and attitude to fear.

Everyone experiences fear in their life, so how can you manage your fears in business and not let them prevent you from achieving the success you started out dreaming of when you first went into business?

At ActionCoach we define fear as:


As humans, we have a natural inclination to worry, focus on possible negatives that may occur as a result of actions , or to expect the worst outcome. But most often, these are worst case scenarios, not based on experience and that aren’t likely to happen!

What happens Fear strikes and we become focused on the negative?

When you become struck with fear about the decisions you need to take, the easiest option is often to DO NOTHING… but that will pretty much guarantee you don’t achieve the business or personal goals you’ve set yourself!

So how do you develop a positive mindset and overcome FEAR:

  1. Remember the old saying “nothing ventured, nothing gained”… the best antidote for fear is ACTION. Accept that you may fail at things along the way, each decision may not always be the best, but as long as you learn from mistakes made, you will continue to make progress. The path to success is never straight!
  2.  View failure as a way of helping you learn quicker… each time you fail at something, it is an opportunity to learn a better way.
  3. Make decisions based on where you want your business to be, not based on preventing the worst from happening! When you worry less about what could go wrong, and begin to focus on the positives of your actions, you will start to make major changes in your business that will deliver real, measurable results.

Having a positive attitude is a huge part of being successful, and it’s the best way to overcome fear.

Remember that what separates life’s winners from the losers is the fact that the winners learn to take power from losing and use it to help them to win, while losers allow failure to take away their power and give up trying.

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