Are you currently the busiest and least paid employee in your business?!

As a business owner, do you end up falling into the trap of trying to take care of your team, your customers and your business simultaneously?! You wouldn’t be alone, this is incredibly common and yet it is the single biggest inhibitor to growth that ActionCoach business coaches witness day in day out. If you consistently try and do TOO MUCH and don’t empower your team to do ENOUGH, all you guarantee is that you’ll end up being the busiest and least paid (per-hour at least) employee in your business!

It’s an easy trap to fall into… you become self-employed and are responsible for everything.

You spend a lot of time attracting new clients, then a lot of time delivering your product or service to clients, whilst trying to attract more clients and so on! At some point, when you are busy enough, you may begin to hire people into your business. Many business owners however, still continue focusing all their energy on their customers, all aspects of the business as well as trying to manage employees. It’s no wonder small business owners work incredibly long hours and often get burnt out.

As a business owner your primary responsibility should be to lead your team.

You need to hire the best people, provide them with the tools to perform their work, and train them how to properly use the tools to service your customers. Armed with the right training, tools and systems, your team can now take great care of your customers. When customers are treated well they come back again and again, and they tell their friends.

Repeat business and endless referrals are the foundation for profitability.

When your business is running this way, it should take care of you, the owner, and you should be able to reinvest in your team as you grow, letting the cycle continue…

This mindset of ‘team first’, can often be a huge obstacle for business owners to overcome, but once it becomes the focus it can transform your business. As soon as you take on your first member of staff, they are your main priority!

Richard Branson famously quoted:

“If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers. It’s that simple.”

Virgin are renowned for being a top company to work for and company culture is something Branson values highly. His approach has clearly paid dividends!

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